Weekly Wrapups

Article Biden’s First Week on the Job
Article The Return of Leadership
Article A New Dawn in America
Article We Flipped the Senate, Witnessed Insurrection, & Democracy Prevailed
Article Jewish Dems 2020 Year in Review & Video
Article Two weeks to flip the Senate
Article Celebrate Black-Jewish Coalitions with JDCA
Article How lighting your menorah can help flip the Senate blue
Article Exciting Events To Flip the Senate Blue
Article Much to be thankful for
Article Jewish Dems Launch Georgia Campaign
Article 306. Landslide. Blowout. Historic.
Article Jewish voters delivered for Biden
Article Join us this Sunday with Sen. Booker, Mandy Patinkin & Jon Lovett!
Article A President For All Americans
Article Sprint Through the Finish Line
Article We Need Leadership
Article VOTE and tell them Ruth sent you
Article Shana Tova from JDCA! 🍎 🍯 🌊
Article Tragedy cannot be downplayed
Article When they go low, we vote
Article We Will Triumph Over Hate
Article Let’s put a mensch in the White House
Article A winning ticket on a winning week
Article Take Back America – NEXT WEEK!
Article Why Jewish Voters Will Support Joe Biden – Join Us, Tuesday, 3pm ET
Article 100 Days- Get Involved
Article Take back America – Jewish votes will make the difference in November
Article ​Four more years of hate? No, thank you.
Article Fighting for the Soul of Our Nation

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