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Weekly Wrapup: August 8, 2022
Senate Dems Deliver Historic Victory The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act by Senate Democrats over the weekend represents a historic breakthrough for the American people and accomplishment for Democrats and President Biden. This bill will reduce the impact of inflation, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and make the most significant investment… Continue Reading Arrow_Blue_Right
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The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is the voice of Jewish Democrats and socially-progressive, pro-Israel values. JDCA supports candidates and elected officials who share our policy positions, and advocates for policies that reflect Jewish and Democratic values.
JDCA has been a critical force for progress in America. You are uniting and lifting up the voices of millions in support of an agenda that is proudly Jewish, committed to justice, devoted to the downtrodden, and rooted in the beautiful commitment of ‘tikkun olam.’
Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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