Advocating for
Jewish and
Democratic values

Who We Are

The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is the voice of Jewish Democrats and socially-progressive, pro-Israel values that Jewish voters hold dear. JDCA supports candidates and elected officials who share our policy positions and advocates for policies that reflect Jewish and Democratic values.

Electing Democrats
who share our values

We took back control of House, and are already laying the groundwork for a Democratic win in 2020. We endorsed 48 winning Democrats who ran for office and flipped 27 seats in districts and states where the Jewish community played a critical role in securing a Democratic victory.

Meet all of our JDCA
Board Members

JDCA’s leadership consists of a National Board representing Jewish community and political leaders from across the country and an Executive Committee. We took back control of the House and laying the groundwork for a Democratic presidency as we continue to advocate for our values.

Take action and advocate for Jewish Democratic values

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