The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is the voice of Jewish Democrats and the only partisan Jewish Democratic advocacy organization.

JDCA’s mission is two-fold: (1) Create political change by supporting Democratic candidates and elected officials who share our values; and (2) Advocate for domestic and foreign policy positions aligned with our platform, which reflects socially-progressive, pro-Israel values such as social equality, justice, Tikkun Olam, and a strong U.S-Israel relationship.

In this election cycle, JDCA is supporting Democratic candidates who share our positions and values, and is energizing the Jewish vote. JDCA has endorsed numerous candidates, advocated on a wide range of policy issues, hosted events and briefings with Members of Congress and policy experts, and launched a midterm volunteer and mobilization plan.

JDCA seeks to bring about meaningful political change in November and beyond. JDCA aims to help Democrats win back the Senate and House, and lay the groundwork for a Democratic win in 2020.

Our Platform

We do not define our positions based on those taken by other pro-Israel or progressive organizations, but we will work with those organizations to the extent their priorities align with JDCA’s uniquely Jewish voice within the Democratic Party.

Meet our Staff
& Board of Directors

JDCA’s leadership consists of a National Board representing Jewish community and political leaders from across the country and an Executive Committee. We are committed to taking back control of Congress and laying the groundwork for a Democratic presidency.

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The Jewish Democratic Council of America is the voice for Jewish Democrats and progressive, pro-Israel values that Jewish voters hold dear.

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Email: info@jewishdems.org
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