Weekly Wrapups

Article Grateful that Democrats Deliver & For Your Support
Article GOP Hypocrisy on Iron Dome Continues
Article Jewish Dems Meet with Douglas Emhoff and Congress
Article The BIF is Good for Jewish Americans
Article GOP obstruction hurts Jewish Americans
Article WAKE UP CALL. Democracy is on the line
Article 24 Hours to Keep VA Blue
Article Election Day is Tuesday – Help Dems Win in Virginia
Article Eleven days until Election Day
Article WATCH: Youngkin can’t be trusted with our health & safety
Article A week of GOP antisemitism
Article Democrats govern, Republicans stand in the way
Article Why Virginia Matters
Article The VP’s Truth on Israel
Article Dems Ensure Support For Iron Dome
Article NEW AD: Republicans Are Risking Our Health and Our Safety
Article Victory in CA Wasn’t Guaranteed
Article New Year, New Opportunities
Article Shana Tova From Jewish Dems
Article RECAP: Afghanistan – What Comes Next?
Article Proof that Elections Matter
Article The Jewish Vote Matters
Article Jewish Voters Ensure Shontel Brown Victory in OH-11
Article Vaxxed & Voting – Overcoming GOP Lies
Article Republicans Can’t Handle the Truth
Article New Poll Shows Importance of Our Work
Article NEW POLL: Jewish Voters Overwhelmingly Support Democrats
Article Praying with our feet and taking action
Article Jewish Dems Endorse Shontel Brown in OH-11 Primary

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