“We are standing up for American democracy”

July 8, 2024


This election comes down to a simple, binary choice: Democracy or Dictatorship. Nothing less than our fundamental freedoms and the future of democracy is on the ballot in November. With your help, we can ensure the American people choose democracy.

Four years ago, on a debate stage, Trump blatantly refused to denounce white supremacy. Instead, he incited the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” On January 6, 2021, they heeded his call by leading a deadline insurrection to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

If we don’t stop Trump, these dangerous, antisemitic extremists will only become more emboldened. Trump has pledged to be a “dictator on day one,” he’s aligned with dangerous authoritarians, threatened retribution against his political opponents, praised Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban, and invoked the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler. The result of a second Trump term could be the end of America as we have known it for two and a half centuries. We can’t let this happen.

The future of our country comes down to what we do in these next 119 days before Election Day. We are doing all we can to mobilize Jewish voters to help elect Democrats. This week, we are:

  • Making calls and texts in key swing states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona.
  • *Preparing to launch digital advertisements to reach millions of Jewish voters in key districts and states that will determine the outcome of the election.
  • *Recruiting and training volunteers and campus fellows to strengthen our organizing infrastructure.

JOIN US. With your support today, we will continue to build on our track record of success and ensure we defeat Donald Trump, take back the House, and expand our Senate majority.

Thank you for supporting our work and being a defender of democracy.

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America