Article The path to the House majority in 2024
Article Giving voice to those brutally silenced by Hamas
Article Insurrectionists aren’t hostages
Article Three years since January 6th
Article COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Denying Hamas’s Sexual Violence Against Israelis Harms All Women
Article 2023 Year in Review
Article Flip a “Jew-ish” District from Red to Blue
Article Dictator on Day One
Article Biden’s leadership & Republican hypocrisy
Article Hanukkah: The Difference Between Light and Darkness
Article SIGN UP: Briefing with Gov. Josh Shapiro & Rabbi Sharon Brous
Article Speaking Out: Hamas’s Horrific Sexual Violence
Article NEW POLL: Jewish Voters Stand With Biden
Article Good week for Dems
Article Republicans are conditioning aid to Israel
Article Republicans Must Stop Playing Politics with Israel’s Security
Article 5 Years Since Pittsburgh, 3 Weeks Since Hamas Terror
Article Biden and Dems Stepping up for Jewish Americans
Article Take Action with Jewish Dems
Article INVITE: Leader Chuck Schumer Addresses JDCA Tomorrow
Article Take Action and Stay Informed on the Crisis in Israel
Article What I saw yesterday at the White House
Article Join Our Emergency Briefing Tomorrow
Article Jewish Dems Respond to Attacks on Israel
Article Democratic leadership vs. Republican disarray
Article GOP Shenanigans Put Americans At Risk
Article Join us tomorrow for “The Road to 2024.”
Article Biden-Harris Take “Landmark Step to Counter Antisemitism”

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