Enough is Enough: Time to Pass Aid for Israel and Ukraine

April 18, 2024

Nearly six months since President Biden requested emergency aid for Israel and Ukraine and critical humanitarian assistance for Palestinians, the Republican-controlled House has found time for show bills and political stunts but not for calling this essential package for an up or down vote.

Following Iran’s unprecedented direct attack on Israel, which further depleted Israel’s resources, this emergency aid is even more essential. House Republicans did nothing after the Senate passed emergency aid on February 13. Instead of voting on the Senate bill, Republicans are wasting valuable time by breaking the bill into pieces and calling each for separate votes. We cannot risk further delay.

Urge the House to pass this package of bills this week and urge the Senate to quickly follow.

If Democrats controlled the House, emergency aid would have reached Israel and Ukraine weeks or months ago. This unconscionable delay is the price we and our allies pay for Republican control of Congress.

Israel survived a dangerous direct attack from Iran over the weekend thanks to President Biden’s diplomacy and military assistance. Thousands of Israelis could have died if myriad missiles and drones launched by Iran had landed in Israel. Now Israel’s resources are further depleted.

Israel and Ukraine cannot wait any longer. Under Democratic leadership, this aid would have reached President Biden’s desk long ago. Republicans are proving that they cannot govern responsibly and they are refusing to support Israel and our allies. Election day is in 200 days and it is up to all of us to take action to ensure Democratic leadership in the House.

Tell your members of Congress it is long past time to pass President Biden’s request for crucial aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy.

In solidarity,

Sam Crystal
Chief of Staff, Jewish Democratic Council of America