Tell Congress: Approve President Biden’s Request to Support Israel

April 15, 2024

Days after Hamas’s horrific attack on October 7, President Biden called on Congress to pass an unprecedented emergency supplemental aid package that included $14.3 billion for Israel and critical assistance for Ukraine, among other allies.

It’s been 178 days since President Biden made this requestFor nearly six months, House Republicans have delayed passage of this funding, at one point conditioning funds for Israel and dangerously using it to score cheap political points at the expense of Israel and Ukraine.

Urge your members of Congress to reject Republican obstruction and immediately fulfill President Biden’s request for aid to Israel.

In the wake of Iran’s unprecedented direct attack on Israel over the weekend, President Biden demonstrated – in word and deed – his ironclad commitment to Israel’s safety and security. We join President Biden in condemning this egregious and aggressive Iranian attack and are grateful for the President’s unwavering support of Israel. We know Israelis share this deep appreciation for America’s support.

Increased assistance is critical to bolstering Israel’s security and protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression. We are calling on all Jewish Americans to tell their member of Congress – especially House Republicans – to immediately fulfill President Biden’s unprecedented pledge of $14.3 billion in emergency military assistance for Israel, along with essential aid to Ukraine.

Tell your members of Congress it is long past time to pass President Biden’s request for crucial aid to Israel. This is the best way for the United States to continue to provide Israel and Ukraine with the resources they need to bolster their defenses against ongoing securing threats. This is in America’s national security interests, as well as that of our allies, Ukraine and Israel. Take action today.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy.

In solidarity,

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America