Jewish Dems Commend Biden’s Response to Iran Attack

April 14, 2024

Yesterday, Iran launched a barrage of drones and missiles targeting Israel. As we closely followed this wave of Iranian strikes, JDCA was deeply concerned about Israel’s security and the safety of the Israeli people. The only thing that brought us comfort amid this terrifying day was our certainty that President Biden has Israel’s back.

Amid this unprecedented direct Iranian attack on Israel, President Biden demonstrated – in word and deed – his ironclad commitment to Israel’s safety and security. We join President Biden in condemning this egregious and aggressive Iranian attack on Israeli territory and are grateful for the President’s unwavering support of Israel.

In advance of yesterday’s attack, President Biden positioned U.S. military assets in the region to help defend against Iranian aggression. It was because of this partnership that nearly all Iranian drones and missiles were intercepted, undoubtedly saving countless Israeli lives.

At this precarious moment, we call on House Republicans to immediately act to fulfill President Biden’s unprecedented pledge of $14.3 billion in emergency military assistance for Israel, along with vital aid to Ukraine. For nearly six months, this aid has languished due to unconscionable Republican delays, politicking, and a House GOP effort in November to condition this aid. Make no mistake – if Democrats controlled the House, Israel would have already received this essential military aid.

Jewish Dems demand that the Republican majority stop playing political games with Israel’s safety and bring the Senate emergency spending bill to a vote as its first order of business on Monday. This assistance – which President Biden pledged in October 2023 – is vital for bolstering Israel’s security and defenses at this difficult time.


The events of yesterday demonstrated yet again the critical importance of ensuring that President Biden is reelected in November. Time and time again, including in the aftermath of the horrific October 7 attack on Israel, President Biden has demonstrated that he is the leader that the United States and the world needs. As these events in Israel continue to unfold, JDCA will monitor them closely and remain your home and voice to advocate for policies and support Democrats like Joe Biden who share our values. We hope you consider supporting JDCA PAC today so we can do even more to ensure President Biden is reelected in November.


Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America