NEW VIDEO: Dictator on Day One

March 25, 2024

Donald Trump does not hide his extremism, and it won’t go away if we close our eyes or normalize his dangerous rhetoric. He has said that if he is elected president, he will be a dictator “on day one.” JDCA will not let anyone close their eyes to the reality that awaits us if we fail to reelect President Biden. 

JDCA PAC’s new video, ‘Day One,’ shows Donald Trump’s fascism side-by-side with President Biden’s vision for an American future where our rights and democracy are protected. Watch and share the new video.

Last week, Trump attacked the overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans, invoking antisemitic tropes about our loyalty and saying we should be “ashamed” of ourselves. According to his former Chief of Staff, Trump praised Hitler in the White House. He emboldens and associates with white supremacists and continues to support policies that threaten our freedoms and democracy.

Trump aligns himself with the dictators he most admires, like Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban. When he says he wants to be a dictator “on day one,” we must take him at his word. He will not stop threatening our democracy, freedoms, reproductive rights, and security.

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Sam Crystal
Chief of Staff, Jewish Democratic Council of America