Article Republicans in Disarray
Article 🌟 Leading and Creating Change 🌟
Article NEW OPED: What Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand About U.S. Jews
Article Jewish Dems Condemn Trump’s Latest Antisemitic Rant
Article Growing our movement in 5784
Article Committing to Change in 5784: Defending Democracy
Article Committing to Change in 5784: Antisemitism
Article Committing to Change in 5784: Gun Violence
Article Jewish Americans Stand With Labor
Article White Supremacy and Gun Violence are Partisan Issues
Article An Indictment of the GOP
Article 4 Indictments Later…
Article When abortion rights are on the ballot, we win.
Article Six Years Since Unite the Right
Article What are our Jewish and Democratic values?
Article Take action to defend democracy
Article Democracy is the issue of our time
Article Israeli President Herzog’s address to a joint session of Congress
Article Jewish Dems Warmly Welcome President Herzog to Washington
Article Patriotism over Trumpism
Article How we make the difference
Article NEW POLL: Biden > Trump by 50 Points with Jewish Voters
Article One Year Since Dobbs
Article JDCA Leads Calls to Action on Capitol Hill
Article Celebrating 5 Years with Jewish Dems
Article What You Need to Know About Kamala Harris and the Jewish American Community
Article EXTREMISM: Dems Fight it, GOP Emboldens it
Article A Historic Month for Jewish Americans and JDCA
Article READ: JDCA’s Response to Biden’s National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism

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