The only way to end Republican extremism and dysfunction

February 16, 2024

Tuesday’s big win for Democrat Tom Suozzi in NY-3’s special election was the highlight of a week filled with Republican obstruction. The Republican Party is beholden to extremists, incapable of governing, and is endangering our national security and that of our allies, including Israel.

On October 20, nearly four months ago, President Biden requested crucial emergency funding for Israel and Ukraine. Democrats have consistently and overwhelmingly supported the Biden-Harris Administration’s pledge of emergency assistance. Under a Democratic House majority, this aid package would have passed in October. Instead, House Republicans attempted to condition aid to Israel on funding cuts to the IRS.

When that stunt failed, Republicans claimed it would pass if the package included funding for border security. Democrats added exactly that, but Donald Trump and Senate Republicans decided that wouldn’t help them in November’s general election, so border funding was removed from the bill. Republicans have obstructed and delayed this aid package for four months, prioritizing political demands of Donald Trump over our national security. Despite Republican obstruction, the Democratic-controlled Senate this week passed the aid package to support Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

Now, House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has the chutzpah to say he won’t allow the House to vote on the package because – you guessed it – it doesn’t include border security. Instead, the House defied the Constitution to impeach Homeland Security Security Mayorkas, ostensibly due to policy differences on border security. Shortly after that stunt, they went on a two-week vacation.

But that’s not all. Donald Trump, certain to win the GOP’s nomination for president, said that he opposes all foreign aid, with no exception for Israel or Ukraine. He then insisted that we make aid to Israel a “loan” requiring repayment. The response from Republicans who did not agree was silence. Others agreed with him.

The GOP’s plan to use border security to their political advantage is backfiring with the American people. Voters see through the games being played by MAGA extremists who throw away bipartisan agreements in favor of political stunts. As the NY-3 special election demonstrated, Americans are tired of the GOP’s obstructionism and games – they want real solutions, and that means electing Democrats.

We at JDCA are committed to ensuring Democrats win in November. By re-electing Joe Biden, winning back the House, and expanding our Senate majority, we can restore the soul of our nation, combat extremism threatening our rights and democracy, and end GOP obstruction. We proved we could do it in NY-3, where we mobilized the Jewish vote and flipped NY-3 from red to blue, and with your help, we will do it across the country in November.

Jewish Dems continue to demand the safe return of the more than 100 hostages still being held in Gaza. On Wednesday, February 21, at 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT, join us to hear from those whose family members were taken hostage by Hamas on October 7, including Shany Granot LubatonJon Polin and Rachel Goldberg-Polin, and Maya Roman. This JDCA event is an opportunity to hear from those directly impacted by the hostage crisis and to discuss ongoing efforts to ensure their immediate release.

As the national voice of Jewish Democrats, JDCA continues to emphasize the importance of electing Democrats who share our values and mobilizing Jewish voters to get it done. Check out some of our recent press coverage:

  • Haaretz both previewed and recapped the work of JDCA and JDCA PAC to elect Tom Suozzi in NY-3. Given Suozzi’s victory, powered by Jewish voters, we made it clear that “JDCA’s campaign in NY-3 epitomizes the work we’ll continue to do this election cycle – mobilizing Jewish voters to elect Democrats who share our values in districts and states where we know the Jewish vote will impact the outcome of the race.”
  • JDCA released this statement condemning Republican obstruction and Donald Trump for his opposition to aid to Israel and his threat to abandon our allies.
  • JDCA released this statement condemning the baseless impeachment of Sec. Mayorkas.
  • JDCA released this statement summarizing its work in NY-3 and announcing our 2024 campaign.
  • ABC News and The Guardian cited JDCA’s estimate of the Jewish population in NY-3 as part of their Election Day analysis.

  • The Jerusalem Post reported on our condemnation of GOP efforts to undermine aid to Israel and Ukraine. We shared, “JDCA encourages swift passage of the bipartisan bill negotiated in the Senate which fully funds the President’s unprecedented request for Israel, funds aid to Ukraine, and advances national security interests in the Middle East and beyond.”

Thank you for your continued support of JDCA. We deeply appreciate your partnership.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hon. Ron Klein
Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America