The 2024 election is here

January 16, 2024

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, the first votes were cast in the 2024 presidential election. In the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump trounced his primary opponents, proving once again that Trump’s extremist MAGA agenda controls the GOP. As we recently said in The Jerusalem Post, “there could not be any candidate whose views were more antithetical to those of Jewish Americans than Donald Trump.” Yet here we are — less than ten months before November 5 — and all signs indicate that Trump will be the Republican nominee for president.

So much is at stake in this election, and the choice could not be more stark between President Biden and Donald Trump. Everything we have fought for — abortion access, defending democracy, combating antisemitism, ending gun violence, mitigating the impact of climate change — is at risk. We are committed to ensuring President Biden and other Democrats who share our values, including strong support of Israel, are elected on November 5.

Together, we can re-elect Joe Biden, expand Democrats’ Senate majority, and retake the House. Control of the House of Representatives runs through California and New York. JDCA is already involved in races in these two states and we encourage you to join us.

Tonight, and every Tuesday for the next month, join JDCA to mobilize the Jewish vote in NY-03 in support of former Rep. Tom Suozzi, who is running in a special election to fill “Jew-ish” Republican fraud George Santos’s seat in Congress. This seat can be flipped from red to blue and bring us one seat closer to a Democratic House majority. Sign up now to phonebank with JDCA, and/or click on this link to support our efforts to get out the Jewish vote — approximately 11% of the NY-03 voting population — in support of Tom Suozzi.



Tomorrow, JDCA will host our first issues forum of the 2024 election cycle between the six Democratic primary candidates in California’s 30th Congressional District, another House seat we can and must win. Sign up to join us and hear from the six Democratic primary candidates vying to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Adam Schiff on the issues most important to Jewish voters.

Thank you for staying involved in the work we do and helping us protect democracy and individual freedoms. This is a crucial election year, and we deeply appreciate your support, which allows us to expand our programming, advocacy, outreach, and political efforts.


Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America