Democrats for Democracy; Republicans for Russia

February 24, 2024

Today’s Republican Party is anti-democracy, pro-Putin, and a threat to the security of our community, freedoms, and allies around the world. The political party of Ronald Reagan is now the political party of Donald Trump, who recently said that Russia can do “whatever the hell they want” to our allies in NATO.

Five days after Trump gave Russia license to pull the U.S. into war, Vladimir Putin did whatever the hell he wanted and murdered his leading political rival, Alexei Navalny. President Biden immediately condemned Putin for this brutal and inhumane act of political retribution and pledged to impose punitive sanctions against Russia. Trump waited three days to say anything about Navalny. When he finally broke his silence, rather than condemn Putin, Trump had the chutzpah to compare Navalny’s heroism to the 91 felony charges he’s facing for fraud, rape, election fraud and incting insurrection. CNN summarized it best with this headline – “Trump co-opts Navalny’s legacy as a smokescreen for his own legal morass.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who recently sent the House home on a two-week vacation, still refuses to allow a vote on vital aid to Ukraine and Israel. Ukraine is in desperate need of military aid to defend against Russian advances and will lose the war if Congress does not act soon. Israel needs aid to replenish its weapons stocks and life-saving Iron Dome interceptors.

Donald Trump is pro-Russia and the Republican Party is pro-Trump. Our democracy cannot afford four more years of an autocrat in the White House or the GOP in control of Congress. On every issue of importance to Jewish voters – democracy, abortion rights, gun safety, climate justice, security assistance for Ukraine and Israel – Republicans are on the wrong side. Luckily, we have the ability to write history in the 2024 election and ensure that Joe Biden again defeats Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party is pro-democracy, and the Republican Party is pro-Russia. That’s not hyperbole and it’s not partisan rhetoric. It’s the truth. These are the stakes in the November election. If any of this matters to you, join us – before it is too late.

Since October 7, JDCA has hosted 12 community conversations on Israel, Gaza, and the impact of the conflict around the world. Please join us for our next community conversation focused on antisemitism on campus in the wake of the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas and the response by the Jewish community and others. The conversation will feature Dr. Nicholas Lemann (Journalist, Dean Emeritus of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, and a member of the Columbia University Task Force on Antisemitism), Julia Jassey (co-founder and CEO of Jewish on Campus), and will be moderated by Stacy Burdett (past Vice President of Government Relations, Advocacy & Community Engagement at the Anti-Defamation League). This program is conducted in partnership with Hillel International.

As the national voice of Jewish Democrats, JDCA continues to emphasize the importance of electing Democrats who share our values and mobilizing Jewish voters to get it done. Check out some of our recent press coverage and events:

  • JDCA was featured in the Jerusalem Post, warning Michigan voters against voting “non committed” in their Tuesday primary. We said, “Either a non-vote, or a vote for a third party candidate or position, in this case, is a vote for Donald Trump. We’ve seen it happen before in Michigan [when Trump won in 2016].”
  • JDCA PAC’s ad for the NY-3 special election was featured on MSNBC’s Last Word as an example of how abortion rights is the most important issue this election cycle.

  • JDCA hosted a community conversation with the families of and advocates for those taken hostage by Hamas. We hope you watch this powerful event.

Thank you for your continued support of JDCA. We look forward to working with you elect Democrats who share our values in 2024.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hon. Ron Klein
Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America