NEW VIDEO: Victory in NY-3 is just the beginning

February 26, 2024

JDCA played a critical role in the NY-3 special election, flipping the district from red to blue, sending Tom Suozzi back to Congress, and bringing House Democrats one seat closer to taking back the majority in November. In that election, we engaged more than 79,000 Jewish voters in the district with over 4.6 million views on JDCA PAC ads like this one, and our incredible volunteers contacted more than 23,000 voters. Congressman-elect Suozzi acknowledged the Jewish vote in his victory speech, thanking “the Jewish voters of my district, who stuck with me.” This special election was a preview of what’s to come in 2024, and our work to elect Democrats and advocate for policies is just getting started.

Tom Suozzi’s margin of victory – barely 13,000 votes – was significantly lower than the size of the Jewish population of the district, demonstrating that Jewish voters made a critical difference in this close election. We know the Jewish vote will continue to play a key role in electing Democrats, and we hope you’ll support our efforts. Watch our recap video of JDCA’s impact in NY-3 – including our ad featured on MSNBC – and join us today by donating to JDCA PAC so we can continue to make a difference in more key races.


This weekend, Donald Trump spoke at CPAC, putting Republican extremism on stage for the world to see. He used fascist language about his political opponents and continued to use racism, fear, and division to mobilize his base. For the first time, neo-Nazis were welcomed at CPAC, where white supremacists like Nick Fuentes had been shunned before, demonstrating that extremists have a political home in the GOP. After his disturbing speech, Trump defeated Nikki Haley – in her home state – by 20 points in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary. Donald Trump is wrapping up the Republican nomination and it’s incumbent on us to defeat him in November.

Republicans are on the wrong side of every issue of importance to Jewish voters, including democracy, abortion rights, gun safety, climate justice, and security assistance for Ukraine and Israel. We cannot afford another four years of Trump in the White House or a GOP-controlled Congress and hope you’ll support JDCA PAC today, so we can continue to expand our vital work to elect Democrats who share our values.

Since October 7, JDCA has hosted 12 community conversations on Israel, Gaza, and the impact of the conflict around the world. Please join us for our next community conversation, focused on antisemitism on campus in the wake of the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas and the response by the Jewish community and others. The conversation will feature Dr. Nicholas Lemann (Journalist, Dean Emeritus of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, and a member of the Columbia University Task Force on Antisemitism), Julia Jassey (co-founder and CEO of Jewish on Campus), and Tina Malka (Director of Antisemitism Education at Hillel International). The discussion will be moderated by Stacy Burdett (past Vice President of Government Relations, Advocacy & Community Engagement at the Anti-Defamation League). This program is conducted in partnership with Hillel International.JDCA Community Conversation: Responding to Campus Antisemitism in the Wake of Oct. 7 organized by Jewish Democratic Council of America

Thank you for your continued support.


Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America.