The contrast has never been more clear

May 10, 2024

I was in the Capitol earlier this week when President Biden delivered the keynote address at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Annual Days of Remembrance ceremony.

President Biden’s speech was deeply moving and meaningful. Reflecting on the pain we all feel in the aftermath of October 7, he said:

“Now, here we are, not 75 years later but just seven and a half months later, and people are already forgetting. They’re already forgetting that Hamas unleashed this terror, that it was Hamas that brutalized Israelis, that it was Hamas who took and continues to hold hostages. I have not forgotten, nor have you, and we will not forget.”

President Biden has been unwavering in his support of American Jews given the rise of antisemitism. He has also been a staunch ally of Israel. We sometimes direct our fear into anger given the news cycle, but we should not forget or overlook the President’s tremendous partnership and support.

Less than six months before this incredibly consequential election, we must also consider the immense threats posed by Donald Trump to our security, democracy, and values. This is why we need to work as hard as we can in the next 178 days to ensure President Biden is reelected.

In the past week, in Newsweek and the Washington Post, I talked about President Biden’s record denouncing rising antisemitism and supporting Israel’s security.

There has never been a clearer contrast between two presidential candidates on issues of importance to Jewish voters. In Newsweek, I wrote:

“…it’s a choice between a defender of democracy and someone who vows to be a “dictator on day one.” It’s a choice between someone fighting to restore the soul of our nation and someone who has repeatedly denigrated it.”

If we are to really stop Donald Trump, we also need to stop MAGA Republicans in the Senate and House. JDCA announced 15 newly-endorsed candidates this week, bringing our total number of endorsees to 98 this election cycle. Your gift to JDCA PAC today will ensure Jewish voters get to the polls in key states and key districts to elect Democrats.

Thank you,

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America