More committed than ever before to winning this election

June 28, 2024

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – the President had a bad debate. We wish it had gone differently, especially given the incredibly high stakes of this election. But one night doesn’t minimize the remarkable accomplishments of President Biden’s first term and public service, and his deep commitment to our values and priorities.

Our commitment to this work has only deepened in the past day because we understand the absolute imperative of defeating Donald Trump, who lied to the American people for 90 minutes straight at the debate.

In a sharp contrast to last night, this afternoon in North Carolina, President Biden delivered an inspiring speech demonstrating his vision, resilience, and forward-looking agenda. He also spoke candidly about his debate performance.

Watch President Biden's Speech

Watch President Biden’s speech where he addresses last night’s debate.

Lost in the conversation over President Biden’s debate performance is the fact Donald Trump lied more than 50 times from the debate stage. He lied about his position on abortion. He lied about his record. He lied about what he did on January 6th. He had the audacity to claim he “has the biggest heart on the stage,” something that even his supporters know is a blatant lie. He repeatedly denigrated our great country and painted a dark picture of America that has no bearing in reality.

Through Trump’s lies, a clear truth emerges – Donald Trump is an affront to everything of importance to Jewish Americans.

We are more committed than ever before to reelecting President Biden, keeping the Senate, and flipping the House. If you are too, make a donation to JDCA PAC to help turn out Jewish voters to elect Democrats who share our values.

JDCA PAC is implementing a strategy to mobilize Jewish voters in key states and districts that will decide the outcome of the election. We’ve succeeded twice so far in 2024, including earlier this week.

On Tuesday, George Latimer won a decisive victory in the NY-16 Democratic primary. We made more than 25,000 calls to mobilize Jewish voters — who make up 13% of the district — and it made a difference. Voter turnout was higher in the heavily-Jewish precincts, where support for Latimer was overwhelming, ensuring the defeat of Jamaal Bowman. We also played a pivotal role in the NY-3 special election earlier this year, where Jewish voters make up 11% of the district and helped to elect Rep. Tom Suozzi and flip that seat from red to blue.

JDCA has many opportunities for you to help ensure Democrats who share our values win in November. Sign up to call Jewish voters in key swing states with JDCA.

In the past two elections, Jewish voters have decisively rejected Donald Trump and the dangerous extremism he represents. We hope we can count on your support to do it again in 129 days.

Shabbat Shalom,

Hon. Ron Klein
Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America