Weekly Wrapups

Article Navigating conflict with Iran
Article Trump’s failed foreign policy
Article Trump is not good for Israel
Article Frequently asked questions about the Jewish electorate
Article What is driving the Jewish vote?
Article Women’s rights are human rights and we refuse to go backward
Article Defending Our Democracy
Article A Dangerous Equation
Article After Poway: Trump, anti-Semitism and our rising insecurity
Article In the pursuit of justice
Article Our four questions and answers (plus an advocacy seder plate!)
Article Jews are leaving the GOP because of Trump
Article Take action today with JDCA
Article Giving voice to our values
Article Tragedy, leadership, and a call to action
Article Purim Tale or Trump’s Twitter account?
Article Urgent response to Trump: Stop politicizing anti-Semitism
Article JDCA Weekly Wrap Up – We Reject Intolerance In All Its Forms
Article Special midweek update – responding to Rep. Omar
Article JDCA Weekly Wrap Up – This Week Proved Elections Matter
Article JDCA Weekly Wrap Up – Giving voice to our values
Article Words Matter. Hypocrisy Matters Too.
Article The state of our union is strong
Article These developments are chilling
Article It’s Good to Have the Gavel
Article Enough of the Trump Shutdown
Article End the Trump Shutdown
Article A New Day for Congress ?
Article Ready for change in 2019
Article ? “Don’t Characterize the Strength that We Bring”

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