In Weekly Roundups


This week, we launched our 2020 election efforts with a 60-second video identifying the biggest threat to American Jews. Check out the powerful video by clicking on the image below. You don’t want to miss it.

Now you’ve seen the video. If you want to ensure that others see it, support JDCA’s efforts to target key battleground states and share it on social media today. The ad has already been covered in the Washington Post, South Florida Sun Sentinel, The Hill, Newsweek, Haaretz and more. Help us ensure we continue to spread the word.

In less than a year, Americans will go to the polls in the most important election of our lifetime. Nothing less than the future of our democracy and values are at stake. We cannot afford to pull punches, and we need your support to ensure our message reaches the largest possible audience. Can you help us get the ad into battleground states and share it today?

Jewish voters overwhelmingly reject Donald Trump because his policies are antithetical to our values. This is why JDCA, the only national organization representing Jewish Democrats, has launched a campaign to take back the White House and Senate in 2020. We are organizing and mobilizing voters where it matters the most, with the aim of impacting the outcome of elections. Read more about our plans by reading our press release from earlier this week, below, and join us.

We will win by mobilizing voters and giving voice to our values. We will win by rejecting Donald Trump’s use of hatred as a political tool. And we will win by calling out Trump for what he is: the biggest threat to American Jews.

When voters know the facts and show-up, we win. When voters are energized and mobilized, especially in battleground states, we win. JDCA has a plan to win, and with your help, we will grow the Democratic majority in the House, win back the Senate, and elect a Democratic president.

Please support JDCA today. Our mission has never been more critical. With your help, we can continue to expand our work and ensure we’re successful. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and support.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ron Klein
Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
Executive Director, Jewish Democratic Council of America