Stop a Nuclear-Armed Iran

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Article CNN: US weighs unfreezing $1 billion in Iranian funds
Press Release Jewish Dems Support Renewed Diplomatic Effort to Prevent a Nuclear Iran
Iran Resource Center
Stop a Nuclear-Armed Iran
Article Media Toolkit: Support President Biden’s in Stopping a Nuclear Iran
Article Support President Biden’s efforts to Stop a Nuclear-Armed Iran
Article Trump’s Policies on Iran Failed
Article The Facts About President Biden and the JCPOA
Article Jewish Dems Support President Biden’s “Compliance for Compliance” Approach to Iran and JCPOA
Article Jerusalem Post: From security grants to Iran: What’s on RJC, JDCA legislative agenda?
Press Release Jewish Dems Condemn False, Divisive Attacks on Warnock
Press Release Jewish Dems Congratulate New Chairs of House Foreign Affairs & Appropriations Committees
Article JTA: From Iran sanctions to asylum restrictions, here’s what Jews are watching in Trump’s chaotic lame-duck period
Article i24 News: Biden to seek diplomatic re-engagement with Iran if elected, aide says
Article Jerusalem Post: Aaron Keyak: ‘Biden will re-engage with Iran for a diplomatic solution’
Article JNS: Along with domestic issues, Trump touts Iran, Middle East policy in State of the Union
Press Release Jewish Dems Respond to Seventh Democratic Debate
Press Release JDCA Condemns Trump’s Capitulation in Syria
Press Release JDCA Responds to Iranian Breach of JCPOA
Article NBC: Halie Soifer: Trump’s new Iran sanctions are as erratic as everything else he’s done so far
Article Navigating conflict with Iran
Press Release JDCA Responds to Escalation with Iran
Press Release Jewish Dems Speak Out Against Trump’s Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria
Article Jewish Dems Condemn Trump’s Offer to Meet Iranian President With No Preconditions
Press Release Jewish Dems Condemn Trump’s Offer to Meet Iranian President With No Preconditions
Article THIS FRIDAY: Ambassador Wendy Sherman, top U.S. diplomat and expert, talks Iran, North Korea with JDCA
Press Release Jewish Dems Oppose Pres. Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal
Press Release JDCA Statement on the Appointment of Ambassador John Bolton

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