President Biden: "Iran will never get a nuclear weapon on my watch."
President Biden is fully committed to holding Iran’s government accountable and preventing a nuclear-armed Iran through a diplomacy-forward approach.

Israel and the U.S. share the goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The U.S. will only reenter the JCPOA if Iran agrees to full, verifiable compliance, and if that is not possible, Israel and the U.S. will work together on alternative strategies.

The Facts About Biden and Iran

President Biden took historic steps to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Obama-Biden Administration imposed crippling multilateral sanctions, which brought Iran to negotiations, paving the way for the JCPOA that prevented a nuclear-armed Iran.

How Trump’s Policies Failed

Trump’s recklessness has unraveled the international coalition President Obama assembled to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. His withdrawal from the Iran Deal has isolated the U.S., not Iran, and has weakened our ability to combat Iran in international fora.

Take Action 

With the return of American leadership and diplomacy to the world stage, we welcome President Biden’s approach to Iran, urging a return of Iranian compliance with the JCPOA. Add your name, support the Biden administration’s diplomacy-forward, ‘compliance for compliance’ approach.

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