Recent Developments - Iran

Article Foreign Affairs: America Has No Good Options on Iran
Article Responsible Statecraft: Iran’s 2020 attack on US base underscored maximum pressure folly
Article Foreign Policy: How Close Is Iran to Getting a Nuclear Weapon?
Article Times of Israel: IDF intel chief reportedly says restored Iran nuke deal better than talks failing
Article Foreign Affairs: A Redline for Iran?
Article Atlantic Council: I once headed the Iran branch of Israel’s military intelligence research. Here’s why Israel can’t take out Iran’s nuclear program.
Article The National Interest: When Being ‘Pro-Israel’ Isn’t Really
Article Atlantic Council: What happens if Iran nuclear talks collapse?
Article Washington Post: Because Trump left the nuclear deal, we might have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran
Article Washington Post: Israel opposed the Iran nuclear deal, but former Israeli officials increasingly say U.S. pullout was a mistake
Article Jerusalem Post: The danger of Israeli panic over Iran
Article Diplomatic: Iran defends itself from charges of overreach as parties return to Vienna
Article Bloomberg: Why Israel Must Change Its Approach to Iran
Article Atlantic Council: Iran offers less for more as Vienna talks stall
Article New York Times: Trump’s Iran Policy Has Become a Disaster for the U.S. and Israel
Article Axios: Iran preparing to enrich weapons-grade uranium, Israel warns U.S.
Article Arms Control Association: Timeline of Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran
Article Haaretz: Three Years Late, Israelis Finally Hear the Truth About Trump
Article Haaretz: ‘The Iran Deal Was a Mistake. Withdrawing From It Was Even Worse’
Article Arms Control Association: Iran’s Failure to Cooperate with the IAEA is Raising Tensions
Article Laura Rozen: Iran position still unclear going into resumed talks, diplomats say
Article CSIS: Iran’s Evolving Nuclear Program and Implications for U.S. Policy
Article Haaretz: Using Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran Feels Immune. Israel Can Change That
Article Forward: Lapid meets with Pelosi, Harris and hopes to strengthen US-Israel ties
Article Haaretz: Bennett No Longer Considers Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Historic Mistake,’ but He Can’t Say So
Article Haaretz: Bennett Hails ‘New Spirit’ as He Departs for Biden Meeting, Says Iran Will Top the Agenda
Article Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: How Iran’s research reactors prove the nuclear deal is still working
Article Haaretz: Iran Is Already a Nuclear ‘Threshold State’. Can Israel Live With It?
Article Responsible Statecraft: The phoniness of opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement
Article Times of Israel: New national security adviser saw Iran deal as ‘lesser evil’

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