Recent Developments - Iran

Article Times of Israel: Military Intelligence backs revived Iran deal, breaking with IDF chief, Mossad
Article Al-Monitor: Limits on Iran’s nuclear program are needed more than ever
Article Arms Control Association: IAEA Reports Signal Escalating Nuclear Crisis With Iran
Article NBC News: Iran has enough uranium to build an atomic bomb, U.N. agency says
Article Israel Hayom: Ex-MI chief: In the current reality, reaching a deal with Iran would buy Israel time
Article Inside Sources: Point: Trump Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal Was a Disaster
Article Washington Post: On Iran, Biden should reverse Trump’s imaginary statecraft
Article Jerusalem Post: Absence of Iran nuclear deal could spell danger for Israel – analysis
Article Reuters: Israel says Iran working on advanced centrifuges at new underground sites
Article JTA: Joe Biden won’t budge on this make-or-break Iran deal issue, and progressives are furious
Article The Hill: Biden is working to stop Iran’s nuclear program — it’s time for Democrats to get behind him
Article Just Security: To Check Iran’s Missiles, JCPOA Re-Entry is a Must
Article Haaretz: How Much Time Does Iran Need for a Nuclear Breakout? U.S. Always Says ‘A Few Weeks’
Article The Jerusalem Post: IRGC terror designation should not prevent Iran nuclear deal
Article POLITICO: Iran nuclear talks freeze amid terrorist label spat — even with deal on the table
Article InkStick: The Iran Nuclear Deal is in Limbo
Article European Council on Foreign Relations: Open letter to the US and Iranian leaderships on the Iran nuclear deal
Article The Forward: This time, can we skip the debates and just sign the Iran Deal?
Article Chicago Tribune: Steve Chapman: Biden should revive the Iran nuclear deal
Article The American Independent: International Retired generals say GOP senators’ opposition to Biden on Iran endangers US and its allies
Article Washington Post: Experts urge return to Iran nuclear deal as prospects dim
Article Arms Control Association: Statement from Nonproliferation Specialists in Support of Restoring Compliance with the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal
Article Responsible Statecraft: Biden shouldn’t fall for the trap Trump laid to block Iran deal re-entry
Article Haaretz: This Is Israel’s Only Way to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Missiles
Article National Interest: Biden Must Defuse Trump’s Iran Nuclear Deal Sabotage
Article Business Insider: Putin’s horrendous war on Ukraine is no reason to give up on renewing the nuclear deal with Iran
Article Vox: What’s the deal with the Iran nuclear deal?
Article Al-Monitor: For Israel, new Iran deal perhaps better than no deal at all
Article Foreign Policy: It’s Time to Give the Revolutionary Guards a Concession
Article The Hill: Another reason Congress should support the Iran nuclear deal: Russia

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