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Jewish Democrats Respond To Crisis With Action

March 23, 2020

Jewish Democrats Respond to Crisis with Action

The Jewish Democratic Council of America continues the fight to win back the White House, Senate amid Trump administration mishandling of pandemic.

WASHINGTON — The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is deeply concerned about the health and safety of all Americans amidst the worst public health crisis of our lifetime. As the failures of the Trump administration to effectively prepare for and combat this pandemic become clear, Democrats are responding with increased urgency to win back the White House and Senate, and elect leadership in Washington that serves the interests of all Americans. Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America launched a new phase of its 2020 election campaign – building on its nearly 50 House and Senate endorsements – including an expansion of its leadership and staff, and well as digital grassroots organizing efforts and engagement with its supporters across the country.

“Now more than ever it is vital that Democrats win back control of the White House and Senate in November. The lives of millions of Americans depend on responsible leadership, and President Trump, along with the Republicans in the Senate, have clearly failed us” said Halie Soifer, Executive Director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. “JDCA has already endorsed nearly 50 House and Senate candidates for the 2020 election who share its values on a range of issues, including support of the US-Israel relationship. Through our growing national leadership, increased digital engagement and organizing, and state chapters, JDCA will energize Jewish voters in support of Democratic candidates running for the House and Senate, as well as the Democratic presidential nominee.”

The Jewish Democratic Council of America has adapted its organizing efforts in light of the coronavirus pandemic, transitioning to fully digital operations. Starting this week, it will host a call series Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with prominent Democrats and experts engaging supporters examining the impact of COVID-19 on elections, education, national security, health care and the economy. The twice-a-week calls will also look at the response of Congress, the White House, states, and the international community this crisis.

The first call on elections will take place at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 24, will feature Marc Elias, chair of Perkins Coie’s Political Law Group and attorney for the Democratic Party, who recently wrote in the Washington Post about how the coronavirus will impact elections and steps we must take to safeguard voting rights in the wake of COVID-19. Sign up here.

The second call on national security will take place at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 26, featuring Jeremy Bash, former Chief of Staff to the CIA Director and Secretary of Defense, and Ned Price, former Special Assistant to the President, NSC Spokesperson, and CIA analyst. This will call examine international response to the pandemic, and the national security implications of the virus, as well as the administration’s response. Sign up here.

To drive the campaign’s organizing work, JDCA is expanding its team, bringing-on consultant and writer Carly Pildis as Director of Grassroots Organizing, consultant and Chicago-based writer Steve Sheffey as Strategy and Policy Advisor, and Elle Segal as Outreach, Program and Policy Manager.

In addition to its National Board of Directors, JDCA has expanded its leadership to include a Next Generation Leadership Council of 25 “NextGen” leaders around the country, as well as college campus fellows. JDCA’s 2020 efforts will continue to focus on both endorsing and supporting candidates, as well as mobilizing the Jewish vote through digital engagement in key states including Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia, among others.

JDCA Chairman Ron Klein said, “As we approach November, JDCA is effectively advocating for the values of Jewish Democrats, including support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, opposition to anti-Semitism in all of its forms, and other key issues driving the Jewish vote. Through JDCA’s endorsements in key districts and states – and by harnessing the power of our newly-formed chapters, our NextGen Leadership Council and college campus fellows – JDCA is creating political change in 2020 in order to elect Democratic leaders who will make the smart decisions that our country needs in a crisis.”