Press Release

Jewish Dems Respond to Israel-UAE-Bahrain Agreements: Jewish Voters Trust Joe Biden More on Israel

September 15, 2020

“We welcome the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, and with Bahrain, and hope that when the details are released, these agreements will live up to their promise and other countries will follow suit. At the same time, today’s ceremony does not make one of the most divisive and reckless presidents in U.S. history a peacemaker. Nor does it answer substantial questions about the sale of advanced weapons to the UAE that may threaten Israel’s qualitative military edge. 

“Israelis and Palestinians are further today from achieving a two-state solution and Iran is closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon than four years ago. Trump’s abysmal foreign policy record must be viewed in its totality, not through the lens of a photo-op intentionally arranged less than 50 days before an election. Once again, U.S. policy toward Israel has been politicized by Donald Trump to serve his own agenda, and Jewish voters reject Trump’s political approach to Israel. Perhaps that’s why Trump conceded a few weeks ago that he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem ‘for the Evangelicals.’

“Recent polling demonstrates that nothing President Trump has done, including this agreement, has increased his support among Jewish voters. Jewish Americans remain deeply concerned about Trump’s irresponsible pandemic response and emboldening of white nationalism and anti-Semitism. Jewish voters trust Joe Biden more on every issue, including Israel.”