The Jewish Vote Made the Difference in OH-11
It was a right race, and high Jewish voter turnout made the difference.

In 2021, the voter turnout in areas with large Jewish populations was significantly higher than in the general population in OH-11. Turnout in Beachwood and Shaker Heights reached 31% and 28%, far greater than the general population’s 16.9% turnout rate, and Shontel Brown carried those cities. Between Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Pepper Pike, South Euclid, and University Heights – four cities with substantial Jewish populations – Rep. Brown’s margin of victory was a staggering 63%, much higher than elsewhere in the district.

Jewish Dems reached each of the 22,000 Jewish voters in OH-11 over 100 times in the final days of the election, encouraging them to vote for Shontel Brown. Clearly, the message resonated, as Brown overcame a 36-point deficit in the polls months earlier to win by just over 4,200 votes. As Rep. Brown has acknowledged, turnout in the Jewish community “helped me get over the finish line” to victory.

Shontel Brown on the Issues