Jewish Voters Ensure Shontel Brown Victory in OH-11

August 4, 2021

Yesterday’s Democratic primary in Ohio’s 11th congressional district demonstrated just how much the Jewish vote matters. Shontel Brown won decisively, and the Jewish vote helped to ensure her victory.

JDCA endorsed and got out the vote in support of Shontel Brown because she was the candidate who shares our Democratic and Jewish values, and it worked. Voter turnout in areas with large Jewish populations was – on average – double the overall turnout in the district. Specifically, OH-11 turnout was 16.8%, and turnout in heavily Jewish areas was 25-31%. JDCA is the only organization focused exclusively on mobilizing Jewish voters, and that’s what really mattered in this election. We made the difference, and we’re grateful to have done so in partnership with you.

JDCA reached 22,000 Jewish voters in OH-11 over 100 times each, and garnered at least 3 million impressions, with digital OpenWeb ads in support of Brown. These ads appeared wherever Jewish voters were online right up until the election. On top of that, JDCA ran print and social media ads, as well as engaging voters through phone, email and text messages, encouraging Jewish voters to cast their ballots right up until the polls closed.

OH-11 demonstrated the effectiveness of our mission and targeted campaign efforts. It also demonstrated just how much the Jewish vote matters in close elections. Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered, and supported our work to send Shontel Brown to Congress. This win is because of you, and we’re grateful.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider becoming a member of JDCA today. And if you’re already a member, consider deepening your support, so we can continue to expand our critical work in support of Democrats who share our values.




Thank you for your continued support of JDCA, and work to elect those who share our values. We are grateful for your partnership.


Hon. Ron Klein,

Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer,

CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America