Advancing Human Rights & Civil Liberties

Americans need to feel confident in the full functioning of our democracy and to have confidence in their government to protect and defend their human and civil rights. Throughout our history, Jewish people have faced oppression, bigotry, and violence. We have known the devastating consequences of silence in the face of persecution and hatred. The Jewish struggle for freedom and safety is intertwined with that of Black Americans, and our history and sacred texts demand we pursue justice and equality, and raise our voice against racism. For generations, the American Jewish community has been a leader and partner in countless social and political movements, motivated by our core Jewish values that prioritize justice and equality in the face of strife and bigotry. We stand with the Black community and other groups targeted by violence and systemic discrimination, and support efforts and reforms to bring about racial and criminal justice. We must boldly face our nation’s painful history of slavery, segregation, disenfranchisement, and hatred, and ensure greater accountability in law enforcement.
Racial Justice is a Jewish Issue, with Tema Smith, Marra B. Gad, and Rabbi Michael Latz Continue Reading Arrow_Blue_Right
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