JDCA supports congressional resolutions standing with Iranian protesters

January 9, 2018

Today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America release the following statement in support of H. Res. 676 and S. Res. 368:

“The Jewish Democratic Council of America endorses resolutions before the United States Congress expressing solidarity and support for the protest movement in Iran. Since last month, thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets to protest the current regime’s failure to meet the people’s economic needs and enact necessary political reforms to make the country more open and free. Iran’s latest protest movement, the most sustained challenge to the regime since the Green Revolution nearly a decade ago, has also shone a light on how Iran’s funding of terrorists abroad, including Hamas and Hezbollah, has sapped the country of resources needed at home and is of course morally repugnant. Many Iranians seem eager to abandon anti-American and anti-Israel activities, and work to create a more prosperous country and region. While Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has defended the right to protest, we have seen shocking images coming out of Iranian cities, as non-violent gatherings have been met with brutal force. We call on the Iranian government to immediately cease its crackdown on protesters, and open up a dialogue with its citizens that leads to much-needed reforms and an end to state-sponsored terror.

“If the White House truly wants to show solidarity with the Iranian demonstrators, and as an expression of America’s own commitment to human rights, it must rescind its travel ban that targets the very protesters who they have said they support.”