Times of Israel: What’s good for the Jews? A Democratic win in November 2018

January 9, 2018

Dan Berger, a board member of JDCA and a prominent lawyer and philanthropist in Philadelphia, writes in the Times of Israel that as Jews and Americans, we must rally behind the Democratic Party in November:

Republicans have failed to provide a meaningful check on Trump’s anti-democratic, unconstitutional abuses of power, and we have watched Republican politicians who previously denounced the president as dangerous and unfit for office pander to him in public events and over countless rounds of golf. A strong showing at the polls in November will allow Democrats to provide meaningful oversight to a presidency that has been off the rails from the very start. It will also discourage Republicans from emulating Trump, reminding them that duties to the country and the Constitution come before obligations to their party and president.

There’s a long road between here and November, between where we are now and capturing at least two Senate seats and the 24 US House seats needed for Democrats to seize both chambers. But the wind is at our back, and our country needs us.

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