The Jerusalem Post: Jewish Democrats Warn Kavanaugh Seat Will Motivate Them in November

October 6, 2018

The JDCA “is deeply disappointed, and issues a warning to Republicans who supported him.” 

WASHINGTON — The Jewish Democratic Council of America reacted angrily to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court on Saturday, warning Republicans that it would rally Jewish voters against them next month in key midterm races.

The group is surgically funding Democratic candidates in tight races where they believe enough Jewish voters reside to make a measurable difference.

The midterm elections will take place one month from today.

The JDCA “is deeply disappointed,” said Halie Soifer, its executive director, “and issues a warning to Republicans who supported him— actions have consequences and your constituents will judge you harshly in November.”

Soifer called Kavanaugh’s confirmation a “stark demonstration” of the lasting impact of elections.

“Jewish Democrats strongly oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and condemn those senators who voted to put him on the court,” she added.

The majority of American Jews— between 65 and 80%, depending on the poll— identify as Democrats. While the constituency reliably votes higher than the nation as a whole, the JDCA hopes to increase turnout this cycle in critical swing districts.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, meanwhile, issued a laudatory statement on Kavanaugh and warned that, should Democrats take the Senate next month, “Judge Kavanaugh could well be the last Trump nominee for any post to be confirmed.”

“We need to maintain Republican majorities in Congress in order to see the successful economic, foreign policy, and national security initiatives of this president and this congress move forward,” the group said.