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Haile Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), issued the following statement:

Three weeks after the midterm election and just in the time for Hanukkah, the tallying of votes for the House, Senate, and gubernatorial races is finally complete. With each passing week, it has become clear that the Blue Wave that swept the nation on November 6 was truly monumental, as demonstrated below by our “monumental midterm menorah.” Democrats netted a total of 40 House seats, which is the largest midterm gain for Democrats since Watergate. The margin of support for Democrats in the 2018 elections – which totaled more than nine million votes – was the largest midterm vote margin for either party in history. The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is incredibly proud of our contributions to this historic election win, which included engaging over half a million Jewish voters, helping to secure 49 Dem wins, and flipping 28 seats from red to blue. Now that the elections have passed, we are thrilled to begin planning for our advocacy agenda for the 116th Congress, and to speak out on issues of importance to the Jewish community.

In the coming weeks JDCA will debut its “Blueprint for Jewish Advocacy” in the 116th Congress. Key issues we plan to engage on include:

1. Supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship and opposing BDS
2. Promoting social justice, equality, human rights, and freedoms
3. Combating anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination
4. Protecting democratic institutions and the right to vote
5. Defending against climate change and other environmental threats
6. Promoting comprehensive and humane immigration reform
7. Advocating for common-sense gun reforms
8. Supporting access to affordable healthcare

— From Jewish Democratic Council of America