Republicans in Disarray

September 28, 2023

Dear Friend,

There was one clear loser of last night’s Republican presidential primary debate: The Republican Party. Americans deserve two parties offering legitimate, competing visions of how to best govern the United States. Instead, last night’s debate displayed a Republican Party unable to govern or address issues of importance to the American people. None of the Republican candidates had the courage to attack Donald Trump’s well-documented record of criminal indictments, inciting an insurrection, emboldening white supremacists, trafficking in antisemitic tropes, or trying to overturn a free and fair election. Trump’s grip on the Republican Party remains strong and it looks like he’ll be their nominee, even if from jail.

In Congress, Speaker Kevin McCarthy – despite having the votes for a bipartisan deal to avert a government shutdown – continues to allow Trump and his band of MAGA extremists to run the show. Republican disarray is why we now face an imminent government shutdown that will cut critical funding for American families, force our military members to serve without pay, and wreak havoc on our economy.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to fight for our values and address the key priorities of the American people. In the last week, President Biden and Vice President Harris established the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, launched the American Climate Corps, and stood with auto workers for fair wages. No American president has ever walked a union picket line, but Joe Biden did just that in Michigan. Democrats are working for a better future, while Republicans are creating chaos and disarray, and capitulating to the whims of Donald Trump.

We are committed to taking action at the polls to defeat GOP extremism and disarray. If you support our vision of a just and equitable society, safe and secure Jewish communities, and strong and vibrant democracies, support JDCA today.

Next week, join us for the first event of our new series “The Road to 2024.” This conversation – which will spotlight voting rights – will be moderated by political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen and feature Secretaries of State Jocelyn Benson (MI), Cisco Aguilar (NV), and Adrian Fontes (AZ).

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America