Press Release

Join Jewish Dems in Demanding Sec. Pompeo Block Downloadable Guns

August 2, 2018


It is already far too easy to purchase a gun in America. Even worse, if the Trump administration has its way, it would be even simpler to for anyone to purchase a lethal firearm. After a court battle that has dragged on for five years, the administration decided to settle with a Texas gun manufacturer that wants to publish blueprints for downloadable guns – weapons that can be run off on a 3D printer. Made of plastic, the devices are virtually undetectable at airports and other security checkpoints, and substantially increase the risk of mass shootings and terrorism. Right now, the settlement is on hold after a judge recognized the grave dangers of downloadable guns. Join Jewish Democrats today in demanding that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (whose department decided to settle the lawsuit) keep us safe from this grievous security threat. Click on the button below to fill out a form to send the letter below to Secretary Pompeo.


WRITE To Sec. Pompeo
Downloadable Guns Will Make Us All Unsafe

Dear Sec. Pompeo,

I implore you to stop the release of downloadable gun blueprint files that will allow anyone in our country, including convicted felons and terrorists, to produce untraceable guns on 3D printers. Downloadable guns are incredibly dangerous and pose a tremendous threat to the safety of every citizen. I Implore you to reverse the State Department decision granting special exemption to release blueprints for these guns. Allowing the blueprints to be posted on the Internet will enable any person – including terrorists, convicted felons and domestic abusers – to circumvent existing safety regulations and use blueprints online to print illegal and untraceable guns. It’s a security risk to us all that the State Department would potentially empower criminals and other dangerous elements in this manner. I demand that the State Department reverse its decision on downloadable guns, to prevent unnecessary danger from these deadly weapons and ensure the safety of all Americans.