Press Release

Jewish Voters Strongly Support Eliminating Filibuster to Pass Voting Rights Legislation

January 20, 2022

WASHINGTON –  After the Senate failed to pass a key priority of Jewish voters, voting rights legislation, Halie Soifer, CEO of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), issued the following statement.

“Today, the Senate failed to protect one of the most sacred American promises – the right to vote. By voting against key federal voting rights protections, every single Senate Republican has etched their name in the history books for having prioritized arcane senate procedure over our most basic democratic right. 

“While the Senate is divided, Jewish voters are overwhelmingly united. Just six months ago, a national survey from the Jewish Electorate Institute demonstrated broad support for voting rights legislation and strong, bipartisan opposition to the efforts by Republicans in Florida and Georgia to suppress the vote. 83% of Jewish voters — including 50% of Jewish Republicans — are concerned about Republican-led voter suppression efforts in states like Florida and Georgia. An overwhelming 76% of Jewish voters support passing federal legislation to protect voting rights, and 62% of Jewish voters support eliminating the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation.

“As the national voice of Jewish Democrats, JDCA firmly supports President Biden’s efforts to protect voting rights and won’t relent in the fight to defend this hallmark of American democracy. Jewish voters know what’s at stake and will continue to overwhelmingly align with the Democratic Party, whose elected leaders are committed to expanding the right to vote, not suppressing it. This is a difficult day for our country, but also a call to action that makes our work to mobilize Jewish voters in 2022 even more critical.”