Press Release

Jewish Dems Outraged by Supreme Court Refusal to Block Unconstitutional Abortion Ban in Texas

September 2, 2021

WASHINGTON Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) CEO Halie Soifer released the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to block the Texas abortion ban:

“The anti-abortion law in Texas is a brazen attempt by Republicans to curtail the rights and humanity of women and those who need access to reproductive health care. By deputizing anti-abortion extremists and radical right-wing activists to monitor and sue people suspected of aiding access to abortion, Republicans have made clear that they respect neither the Constitution nor the rights of women.

“This new law bans abortion before most people even know they are pregnant, and makes it all but impossible to receive necessary and life-saving health care in the state of Texas. With a $10,000 bounty hanging over their heads, health care workers and clinics across the state will be forced to close their doors and turn away people in desperate need. 

“There’s nothing ‘pro-life’ about restricting access to lifesaving health care, and we’re deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has refused to act. Make no mistake — this law was deliberately designed to ban abortion in a way that evaded judicial review.

“But it doesn’t end there. In Texas, it is also illegal to impose a mask-mandate in public schools, yet it is legal to carry firearms in most public places without a permit. By passing restrictive voter suppression laws, Republicans are trying to prevent those most affected from seeking redress at the polls. It’s all part of an unconscionable Republican effort to dismantle our democracy and infringe on the rights of Americans, which we strongly oppose.”

For more information about JDCA’s efforts in this campaign or to speak with Halie Soifer, please contact [email protected].