Press Release

Jewish Dems Express Solidarity and Outrage in the Aftermath of George Floyd’s Murder

May 29, 2020

WASHINGTON – The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA)’s Executive Director Halie Soifer issued the following statement in response to the ongoing investigation into and protests about George Floyd’s murder by a white police officer in Minnesota this week:

“The events this week in Minneapolis are unconscionable, heartbreaking and indicative of the rise of racism and hatred in America in recent years. We simply cannot be silent as innocent Americans like George Floyd are targeted because of their race and killed.

“The Jewish Democratic Council of America stands with the Black community and with those peacefully protesting this violence. We are shaken – yet sadly not surprised – to see the President of the United States using his platform to incite violence against fellow Americans, amplify racist language, and directly quote one of the most notorious segregationists of the 20th century, George Wallace. Once again, Donald Trump has signaled to white supremacists and racists that he is on their side and shares their hateful views.

“Our Jewish values call on us to support equality, righteousness and justice; an injustice to any community is an injustice we feel ourselves. Both the Jewish and Black communities have been a target of the rising hatred and division in our country in recent years. Racism and antisemitism are bred from the same dangerous ideology, and we must stand together against bigotry in all its forms.

“While the officers involved in this case have been fired and one arrested, we know this is not an isolated incident, and more must be done to address the underlying issue — systemic racism in America. Jewish Dems will do everything we can to fight for equality and safety for all Americans, and we stand with the Black community at this difficult time.”