Press Release

Jewish Dems Condemn Trump’s Offer to Meet Iranian President With No Preconditions

July 30, 2018

Halie Soifer, executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), issued the following statement after President Trump’s offer to meet with Iranian President Hasan Rouhani absent preconditions:

JDCA is appalled that President Trump would offer to meet with the Iranian regime — the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror bent on Israel’s destruction — with no preconditions or agenda. Following the recent meetings with the leaders of Russia and North Korea that made him look like a pawn, it is baffling that President Trump would continue to offer meetings with the world’s worst actors. President Trump is clearly eager to please autocratic leaders while pushing away America’s closest allies, and it has yielded nothing of benefit for the United States. To the contrary, it has played into the hands of our adversaries and undermined our interests, while weakening American international credibility and influence. JDCA is deeply disturbed by this abhorrent and dangerous behavior, which is antithetical to U.S. national interests and undermines the security of our closest allies, such as Israel.