Press Release

Jewish Dems Condemn RJC’s Refusal to Recognize Biden Win

November 10, 2020

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s (RJC) refusal to acknowledge the outcome of this election is deplorable. As Americans, and as Jews, we can certainly disagree on the issues, but political disagreements are not relevant to the outcome of our elections. Our democracy is predicated on the integrity of elections and the orderly transfer of power, and there is ZERO evidence of fraud or irregularities in this election.

It’s beyond hypocritical for the RJC to congratulate the Republicans who won their Senate and House elections while refusing to congratulate Joe Biden when the RJC knows full well these are the same elections, determined by the very same ballots.

By refusing to acknowledge the outcome of the election, the RJC has distanced itself from the American Jewish community and from respect for American democracy, and aligned with autocrats such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. That is not good company to keep, and we hope that the RJC will join the overwhelming majority of Jewish Americans in accepting the outcome of this election. The RJC should cut its losses and stop pandering to a lame-duck president who was overwhelmingly and decisively defeated, in part due to overwhelming Jewish support for Joe Biden in key swing states.

For more on how the Jewish vote proved decisive ensuring in Biden’s victory, see here: