Press Release

JDCA urges Congress to pass two family reunification bills

June 22, 2018

On Friday, JDCA issued the following statement urging Congress to pass two bills regarding the Trump administration’s immigration policy and imploring Republicans to support the legislation:

“President Trump’s recently-signed executive order is little more than empty words on a page. Nearly 2,000 children remain separated from their parents in detention facilities across the United States. The president’s unconscionable policy of forcibly separating families and detaining children is far from over, and Congress must take action.

“Republicans in Congress have proposed a quick fix that does meaningfully address the inhumane policy of family separation. Speaker Ryan’s immigration bill, now under consideration in the House, does not reunify families that have been torn apart, nor does it prevent this from happening again.

“JDCA supports two pieces of legislation now under consideration in the Senate – the HELP Separated Children Act and the Keep Families Together Act . The first bill would reunify children with their parents. The second bill would prohibit the separation of migrant families arriving at our border, and ensure children are no longer separated from their parents. Currently, neither bill has a single Republican co-sponsor. JDCA implores Republicans to support these bills and stand on the right side of history in this crucial moment.

“It is long past time for Republicans in Congress to demonstrate the moral courage to oppose President Trump, and ensure that children are treated humanely at and within our borders. JDCA urges Congress to act today and expeditiously pass the HELP Separated Children Act and the Keep Families together Act.”