Press Release

JDCA Statement on Impeachment of Donald Trump

December 19, 2019

WASHINGTON—Following the vote in the House of Representatives on two articles of impeachment, Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA)’s Executive Director Halie Soifer issued the following statement:

“The decision of the House of Representatives to impeach Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress was both necessary and appropriate. President Trump abused the power of his office by pressuring a foreign country to interfere in our elections for his personal benefit and placing his own interests before the national security of the United States. The record clearly demonstrates that President Trump obstructed Congress by denying access to witnesses and documents, and we support those who voted for the two articles of impeachment.

“As House Majority Leader Hoyer just stated, ‘Democrats did not choose this impeachment.’ The president left Congress with no choice by putting his political interests ahead of the best interests of our country. Unlike President Trump, many courageous Democrats have put politics aside in order to uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution, and we applaud their principled decision and patriotism. As Jewish Americans committed to government that represents our values, such as defending our democracy and the pursuit of justice, we support the impeachment of Donald Trump and call on the Senate to do the same.”