Press Release

JDCA Responds to Mueller Testimony

July 24, 2019

WASHINGTON – Following today’s testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees today, the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) Executive Director Halie Soifer said the following:

“Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress underscored the urgent need for Congress to fulfill its constitutional duty to investigate serious allegations of obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump. Critically, Mueller confirmed that his report does not exonerate the president, and that his investigation was not a witch hunt.

“Mueller asserted that Russia interfered in our election on behalf of the Trump campaign, which welcomed this intervention, failed to inform the FBI of its occurrence, and intentionally lied about Russia’s role in the election.

Perhaps most importantly, Mueller asserted that the ‘sweeping and systemic’ Russian interference in our democracy in 2016 continues to this day. This is not a partisan conclusion – it is a fact that should deeply trouble every American. Our democracy has been attacked by a foreign adversary, it remains under attack, and President Trump and Republicans in Congress have chosen to do nothing about it.

This is violation of their oath of office to defend our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and a stunning betrayal of American and Jewish values, including our commitment to democracy, rule of law, and justice. We continue to call on Congress implement election security measures to ensure that the systemic assault on our elections does not occur again.”