Press Release

ACTION ALERT: JDCA opposes Republican tax ‘reform’ effort

December 1, 2017


The Jewish Democratic Council of America strongly opposes the GOP tax reform effort. Please contact your senators, especially Republicans, and urge them to oppose this legislation. Time is of the essence.

As you no doubt agree, the Republican tax reform bills currently before Congress would be incredibly detrimental for America. Make no mistake; despite what President Trump is tweeting, this is a bad bill. Here are some reasons why it is critical that this legislation be opposed.

Not only will it hurt Middle Class families most by giving the biggest tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, but it will have a major impact on charitable giving and will create division within the Jewish community. this bill – in either of its most likely current forms – as it is contradictory to both American and Jewish values.

These Republican bills would also repeal the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which prohibit churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship from endorsing political candidates. Jews around the country are expressing their fears that this will have additional damaging effects on our community.

Repealing the Johnson Amendment will transform our synagogues from religious sites to political arenas. Congregants would suddenly be able to hold hostage their synagogues and rabbis by withholding funds and contributions unless they support the donors’ preferred candidates. These divisive bills will build partisan walls within our synagogues and would be dangerous to the unifying spiritual purpose of our houses of worship.

These bills will also leave a devastating impact on charitable contributions to synagogues, Jewish organizations and all our non-profit institutions. Our friends at organizations like the Jewish Federations, Jewish day schools, and other social service organizations will be left with less funding to serve the community when the contributions they receive are no longer tax deductible. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University estimates that charitable contributions could be reduced by over $13 billion annually.

In Judaism, giving tzedakah is not just a value, it is also an obligation. These tax bills are inconsistent with Jewish values, with American values, and we owe it to American Jewry, and to all Americans, to ensure that congressional Republicans do not impede on our values.

So please contact your senators now and join us in defending our values by making a contribution to JDCA and support our vital work.


Ron Klein
Jewish Democratic Council of America