Article Here’s why Jersey voters may really turn out in droves Tuesday for this Trump-hyped Election 2018

November 4, 2018

How tragic news has renewed the mission of other groups

The Jewish Democratic Council of America is an example of a group that has been involved in New Jersey’s congressional and Senate elections, but has felt a renewed effort to send a message to Trump and the GOP because of recent events, said the group’s executive director, Halie Soifer.

“I think the tragic events of Pittsburgh have only underscored what the Jewish community has seen over the past two years, and that is that Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric and policies have legitimize and embolden anti-semitism,” Soifer said, referring to the mass shooting at a Pennsylvania synagogue last month that left 11 people dead.

The Jewish Democratic Council of America made a six-figure ad buy in New Jersey newspapers and on social media to target Jewish voters.

The Pittsburgh shooting “only galvanized what we know to be a failure of leadership on (Trump’s) part and a failure of leadership of Republicans,” Soifer said.