JTA: Detroit Jews are caught between a rock named Trump and a hard choice among Democrats

August 2, 2019

By Ron Kampeas

Outside the room, progressives were more sanguine about the influence of Tlaib and the others on the party. Halie Soifer, who directs the Jewish Democratic Council of America, met with me after the debates and said she was planning to mount a campaign questioning the reflexive “both-sidesism” in the established community, which seems to fret equally about Trump and figures like Tlaib.

“There is a fundamental and critically important difference between the small number of voices on the left whose views on Israel are outside the mainstream, and the virulent anti-Semites and racists on the right who pose a grave danger to the Jewish and other minority communities, the devastating result of which we saw in Pittsburgh and Poway,” Soifer, a Michigander, said afterward in an email, referring to the deadly synagogue attacks.