JDCA Wisconsin Chapter Mobilize for Victory—Action Agenda

August 5, 2020

We are now 90 days from the November elections. Our JDCA Chapter is embarking on a major action plan for a Democratic Wisconsin win. Please read through this memo carefully. We are asking you to join in JDCA’s coordinated national effort to reach Jewish voters. As you see here, our WI JDCA Chapter is planning a full slate of events. Please attend as many as possible. Victory depends on action. Remember JDCA is the only national group dedicated to Jewish Democrats.

Our goals are:

  • Electing Joe Biden as President, flipping the Senate from red to blue, and expanding Democrats’ House majority;
  • Protecting Israel and fighting antisemitism, racism and other forms of hatred;
  • Supporting Joe Biden’s national efforts to halt the alarming rebound of COVID;
  • Supporting Democratic efforts to bolster the Affordable Care Act and efforts to ensure access to affordable healthcare.

Dates and Action Events – Please Reserve (and please note that all JDCA events are now listed here).

August 10, 2020, Monday 7:30 PM— Central Time—Critical Chapter Meeting Zoom
Mobilization for Victory We are embarking on text and phone banking to Jewish Democrats urging them to get out the vote. Michael Rosenzweig, JDCA Board Member and Chapter Director, will kick off this session. Carly Pildis, Director of Grassroots Organizing, will conduct personal narrative training and the use of some very sophisticated outreach and tracking tools. Mark the date on your calendars. Click on this link to sign-up and join:

August 13, 2020, Thursday, 4:00 PM—Central Time—JDCA National Event “Take Back America”
Join JDCA right before the Democratic Convention as numerous members of Congress and other key speakers and entertainers motivate us for victory. You don’t want to miss it. Click on this link to sign-up and join:

August 16, 2020, Sunday, 10:00 AM—Central Time—Ambassador Dan Shapiro
Israel, the Jewish Vote & the 2020 Election Join us for a special forum for JDCA chapter members and volunteers as we Zoom into a critical update from former US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro. He will address the key points of the Biden Pro Israel, Pro Peace program. This shows that Democrats are true friends of Israel, support Israel’s long-term security, and are aligned with our Jewish values. Dan has a long-standing foreign policy resume second to none. Dan will put to rest any thought of Trump being a better friend of Israel. You can sign-up here:

August 23, 2020, Sunday, 2:00 PM—Central Time—JDCA Mobilization and Action
Led by Carly Pildis, JDCA Director of Grassroots Organizing. This session will dive headfirst into our outreach to Wisconsin Jewish voters and help ensure that we turn out the vote for Democratic candidates. We will phone bank and/or text bank. We can’t knock on doors now, so let’s be as effective as possible with modern technology. You can sign up here:

August 26, 2020, Wednesday, 5:30 PM—Central Time—Emerging Jewish Leaders
Young Jewish Leaders Join a discussion of issues at the forefront for emerging Jewish Leaders. Debbie Zemel, WI JDCA Co-Chair, and Carly Pildis, JDCA Director of Grassroots Organizing will facilitate an impactful program with key Jewish Democratic activists moderated by WI Democrat Assembly Representative Jonathan Brostoff. Topics include health care, assisting disabled students, issues of racial justice and more. Sign up here:

August 31, 2020, Sunday, 5:30 PM Central Time—JDCA Action Day
Join JDCA, Director of Grassroots Organizing, Carly Pildis, as we prepare for the August 2020 “Action Day” of phone banking and texting, in our outreach to Wisconsin Jewish Democrats. You can sign up here:  

Thank you again for your dedication to this movement, we look forward to parterning with you.

Michael Rosenzweig,
JDCA Director of Chapters

Carly Pildis,
JDCA Director of Grassroots Organizing

Linda Frank, Richard Schwalb, Michael Tick and Debbie Zemel
WI Jewish Dems Chapter Co-Chairs