JDCA PAC Got Out the Jewish Vote
Voter turnout was key, and Jewish Dems helped get out the vote.

JDCA PAC led the Jewish community’s opposition to the GOP recall effort. JDCA PAC was the only national Jewish organization engaged in this race and the only organization specifically dedicated to mobilizing Jewish voters. Through phone banks, text banks, emails, social media, and OpenWeb ads, JDCA PAC reached +335,000 Jewish voters across California. Our targeted digital ad campaign was seen +3.5 million times, and directly engaged via phone and text with 95,000 Jewish voters.

Who Planned the Recall?

The recall was organized by far-right, Trump-aligned Republicans with ties to QAnon, anti-vaxxers & anti-maskers, and the violent right-wing militia, the Proud Boys. The LA Times found that “they helped energize the campaign with large and often inflammatory rallies over masks" & "in support of Trump & against the election."

Could the GOP Have Succeed?

YES! The GOP’s misinformation campaign, and lack of awareness about the upcoming election, were serious threats to Governor Newsom’s future in office. Polls were close in the final month, and the right-wing extremists leading the recall effort are depending on low voter turnout.

How Did Democrats Win?

We knew that turnout was going to make the difference in this race, especially Jewish turnout. We know that in tight races, the Jewish vote can make the difference. Because of California's arcane recall election rules, Governor Newsom needed to win in a landslide. Democrats got out the vote and reject Republican extremism.