Times of Israel: ‘Radical left?’ Try again. On Israel, VP-elect Harris may be to right of Biden

November 7, 2020

By Jacob Magid

During her trip to Israel that year, Harris visited East Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University and met with a group of female students. Halie Soifer, who served as Harris’s national security adviser at the time and accompanied her on that trip told The Times of Israel that the students shared their experiences about growing up in the midst of a conflict and dealing with a West Bank security barrier that runs through their university, which had an impression on Harris.

“She encouraged [the students] to be leaders in their communities and they were inspired by her,” said Soifer, who now heads the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

While being an ardent supporter of the two-state solution, Harris has also adopted a favorite talking point of Netanyahu on the matter, telling the Jewish News of California in 2016 that lasting peace requires the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.”