Time for Leadership

March 13, 2020
We know this is a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Our synagogues, schools, offices and public spaces are closed, our lives have abruptly and unexpectedly changed, and we don’t know when, or how, this pandemic will end. This much we do know – the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) is committed to our supporters, and we are wishing you and your loved ones all the best during this difficult time. We are sending a refuah shlema to those suffering from the coronavirus, and wishing everyone health and strength as we navigate the road ahead.

The fundamental purpose of government is to keep us safe, and – as if we needed any more proof – it’s abundantly clear that those at the top of our government have failed us in preparing and responding to this public health crisis. We welcome President Trump’s emergency declaration this afternoon, but wish it had come sooner. Additional action is now needed to protect the health and the well-being of all Americans. Each passing day the Trump administration fails to act to put the necessary emergency measures – and widespread testing – in place has put more Americans at risk.

If there’s one thing that coronavirus has demonstrated, it’s that we are an interconnected world, and we have to work together to combat this virus. Closing our borders to 26 countries in Europe will do little to mitigate the risk, especially while we’re not doing enough testing to know the scope of the outbreak in America.

While some countries have ensured widespread testing to identify and contain the risk, ours has not. Now is the time for leadership, and this November is the time for political change. We must elect leaders who will be there for all Americans in times of crisis.
Of course leadership is also needed in Congress. House Democrats acted quickly to draft legislation that provides essential emergency relief including improved access to affordable healthcare and free coronavirus testing, paid sick leave, and unemployment insurance to cope with this pandemic. Now we’re calling on all members of Congress – the House and the Senate – to pass this legislation as soon as possible, so the president can enact these critically important measures into law. Join us in writing to your member of Congress, demanding they pass critical coronavirus relief for all Americans (Click on the image below to write to your members of Congress).

Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration have limited the flow of public information on the coronavirus, putting more Americans at risk. There has been a lack of transparency surrounding the number of tests being conducted and steps the administration is taking to combat the ongoing outbreak in the United States. Join us in demanding transparency about this public health crisis by clicking on the image below to sign a petition.

We stand with you – and all Americans – and are confident that, together, we will overcome this crisis. We will be updating you in the coming days about ways we can take action together digitally to organize and work to bring about change in November. Stay tuned for our digital organizing updates to come.

Wishing you health and Shabbat shalom,

Ron Klein,
Board Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
Executive Director, Jewish Democratic Council of America