The most important 2023 election that may not be on your radar

March 6, 2023

Extremism Has Been Normalized By The GOP

Today, we’re excited to announce our first endorsement of 2023: Judge Janet Protasiewicz for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This is JDCA’s first endorsement in a state Supreme Court race and marks an important expansion of our political efforts within key states in advance of the 2024 election.

We’re getting involved in this race because Judge Protasiewicz is the only candidate in the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election who shares our values. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court will decide matters of critical importance in the lead-up to — and beyond — the 2024 election.

Protasiewicz’s opponent exemplifies right-wing extremism. His victory would pose a direct threat to democracy, voting, and abortion rights in Wisconsin, and he opposes essential government programs including Social Security. JDCA’s political work is driven by our Jewish and Democratic values, and it’s clear our values are on the ballot in Wisconsin in this Supreme Court race.

Judge Protasiewicz welcomed JDCA’s endorsement and praised our work – here’s what she had to say about our endorsement:

Over the next month, we will mobilize the Jewish vote in Wisconsin in collaboration with our allies, building off our successful efforts to impact the outcome of elections in key swing states, including Wisconsin, since 2018. Join us and phone bank into Wisconsin in support of Judge Protasiewicz.

Also — join us and our partners, including the Wisconsin Democratic Party, this Thursday at 8:30 PM ET for a virtual happy hour to learn more about the upcoming election and hear from the leader of Wisconsin Dems, Ben Wikler, who will explain why this is the most important election you’ve never heard of and how you can get involved today.

With your help, we will replicate our successes and ensure that Jewish voters overwhelmingly come out to support our shared values in this race and deliver victory for Judge Protasiewicz. We hope you’ll join us.


Halie Soifer
CEO, Jewish Democratic Council of America