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Recent events underscore why we must all speak out against President Trump and Republicans who have either embraced or silently enabled his dangerous agenda.

In the past 24 hours alone, the president has welcomed right-wing extremists to the White House, authorized ICE raids within our communities, threatened to force an unconstitutional citizenship question into the census, and supported his Labor Secretary – who oversees the U.S. government response to human trafficking – for legally absolving a known sex-trafficker and child rapist, who also happens to be a Trump ally.

We are deeply concerned about the direction of our country under Donald Trump and what it means for the Jewish community and Jewish values, but sometimes it’s too much to clearly articulate in one place. The long list of offensive actions, irresponsible decisions, and reckless behavior can be overwhelming.

This week, we make the detailed case against Trump from the Jewish, pro-Israel perspective. In the cover story of the Jewish Journal, our executive director Halie Soifer answers their question – is Trump the cancer or the cure? We encourage you to read, consider, and share her answer with others.

Please use this essay as a resource to combat the misinformation that is plaguing our country, and as a starting point for articulating why Jewish Dems are so motivated to bring about political change in 2020


We are the voice of Jewish Democrats, speaking for our values within the Democratic Party, standing up against the daily assaults on our values, and mobilizing the Jewish vote for victory in 2020. We have a vision and strategy to bring about change in 2020.

Highlights from the week:

  1. We condemned Trump’s social media summit, which was a gathering of right-wing extremists, as well condemning his original inclusion of an anti-Semitic cartoonist.
  2. We explained on i24News how we can defeat Trump and what will motivate Jewish voters in 2020, as well as how our approach is different from organizations such as If Not Now.
  3. We reiterated the reality of climate science and noted the absurdity of Trump’s claim that he is protecting the environment.
  4. We congratulated the USWNT on their World Cup win, echoing our support for equal pay. What an inspiration these women have been for all of us!

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Thank you,

Ron Klein,
Chair, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Halie Soifer
Executive Director, Jewish Democratic Council of America